Eddie strolled into Tonabudin, the great music store in Akureyri, Iceland, Aug. 2022.

Welcome to the home of The Zim Band. We’re a tight little band with a big sound. Three of us make up the core: Zim, lead vocals, rhythm guitar and keyboards; Eddie, lead guitar; and Matt, on drums.

We hail from Rochester and Buffalo, N.Y. We record at Mammoth Recording Studio under the watchful and masterful eye of Justin Smith on the board and Mike Santillo at the helm. Check out some our songs and leave a note.

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zim@thezimband.com https://www.instagram.com/thezimband007/

Zim in control room.
Eddie in studio, June 2019.
Zim working out.

All songs are written and arranged by Zim.

The music video that YouTube blocked from search for being to “violent.”

(All imagery from broadcast news.)

Matt goes over the “list” before hitting the stand in 2021.
Eddie ripping it up on “It’s Alright, It’s OK” on Multiverse

Over the past two years the band has been blessed with some great reviews and radio airplay on some legendary shows like Marshall Stax’s The Next Big Thing, an institution on @KALX Radio in the Bay Area; Chicago’s The Midnight Special (founded by the late, great Mike Nichols) on @WMFT and carried across the U.S. with the uber-classy Marilyn Rae Beyer; and the top-rated psychedelic music podcast, Captain Freak-Out’s Psychedelic Radio (show #70, baby!). And wicked psyched to get love from The Hermit on his legendary show Stuck in the Psychedelic Era https://hermitradio.com/. The legend!!

Thanks for taking the time to check out a little more about us. Zim

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  1. Hey, guys. Sorry it took so long (call it a casualty of the COVID years), but I’ll be featuring I Can See The Future (from Multiverse) on the Advanced Psych segment of Stuck in the Psychedelic Era # 2314 (airs the week ending 4/8).


    1. I heard the tract from Multiverse on your broadcast. I am intriqued by your sound. I’ve been looking for a regional band to get behind. See you this season!


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